The applications able to make your company process more efficient in couple days

According to Gartner, a renowned research and advisory company, Microsoft belongs among the leaders in application platforms which do not require robust programming. The Microsoft Power Platform represents a typical example of a platform using which it´s easy to build applications in relatively short period of time.

Developers spend long months coding in order to reach desired outcomes. However, IT gradually becomes influenced by environments which are not built on extensive coding or are without any code at all, so called “low-code“ or “no-code”. The entire process of programming new applications is quickened by using predefined algorithmic, logic and arithmetic functions.

Although the “low-code” platform still requires a certain level of application development knowledge, it reduces time needed for development of ordinary functionalities, which would otherwise be laboriously programmed by a developer. Development of this platform is constantly moving forward, what is proven by many companies in the world using these tools on daily basis.

Microsoft as a leader

Gartner Magic Quadrant marks Microsoft as a leader in the area of “low-code” application platforms. On the Microsoft Power Platform, as a part of selected Microsoft 365 packages, the individual platforms such as Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents can be built.

Power Apps´Strengths

Microsoft Power Apps applications can simplify many company processes. Among their advantages belong:

  • simple tools with canvas applications using “drag and drop” techniques are able to digitalize processes previously handled in a paper form;
  • product strategy puts together innovative functions such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Azure services. Last year, AI Builder became a part of the platform, which is used for automatic processing of forms, text classification, object identification, scanning of business cards or binary classification predicting future development;
  • authentication of information and error rate reduction;
  • integration of Power Apps into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform has improved possibilities of security, creation of processes and automation.



A growing need for mobile and web apps and an effort to ensure closer communication among various teams caused that companies reach for the applications which do not require robust development.

An example: An American company Custom Air Products and Services specializes in design, construction and service of air conditioning. To track logouts during a manufacturing process, process sales offers or send notifications, the company uses, besides Microsoft Power Apps, also other services such as Power BI and Automate. Digitalization of processes has brought to the company a detailed overview of relevant data which the company missed before. Employees´ time spent on manual data collection has been reduced significantly as well.

Power BI visualizes business data

Microsoft Power BI is an analytical tool of the Power Platform which helps companies of various sizes to analyse data and share reports. It consists of Power BI Desktop, Power BI Software as a Service (SaaS) and mobile applications compatible with iOS and Android. Thanks to the tools for data modelling and transformation such as Power Query, a lot of time can be saved during their development.

Power BI takes over information from lots of sources and changes them into its own visual elements serving not only for data reading but also for getting a clear image about direction of business thanks to artificial intelligence.

power bi

Power BI key benefits: 

  • simple implementation – Power BI is a cloud service, so you don´t need to buy any hardware;
  • creation of reports in short time – data in reports can be easily visualized thanks to the “drag and drop” function;
  • smooth integration – you can have access to data from hundreds of promoted sources such as Dynamics 365, Azure SQL DB, Excel or SharePoint. The platform can be interconnected with other companies´ products such as Google Analytics or MailChimp
  • adjustable dashboards – transparent charts and dashboards offer an overview of all key company´s  parameters;
  • no memory or speed restrictions – when transferring the existing BI system into Power BI cloud environment, there are no restrictions regarding memory or speed what ensures quick loading and data analysis;
  • safe publishing of reports – thanks to a tool which is a part of Power BI, you can set up automatic data recovery and safely publish various reports, so the users have access to the latest information;
  • saving costs – creation of internal analyses without a need to use external sources;
  • innovations – regular updates of the functionalities in Power BI products.

power bi desktop

An example: The Heathrow Airport serves approx. 80 million passengers every day. In order to achieve smooth operation, it needed a tool ensuring that all employees have up-to-date information on a flight schedule, weather forecast, number of passengers etc. Power BI converts these back-end data into visual reports and dashboards what has significantly helped the operation of the airport.

Now, the employees are informed in advance about all important facts via notifications, so they can duly prepare themselves for potential critical situations – for instance, to ensure extra food, transportation or reinforcements in case the unfavourable weather conditions would cause several-hour flight delays and people would get stuck at the airport.

“With Power BI, we can quickly connect to a wide range of data with minimum effort and use these data for smoother operation of the Heathrow Airport.“  

– Stuart Birrell, a main information director of the airport

Thanks to a „low-code“ platform, it´s possible to build professional applications easily. Join the companies which care about modernization and quick growth.

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