We Have Delivered a Loan Products Sales Management System to VÚB Bank

To one of the major banks in Slovakia we have successfully implemented the system for the loan process management in the small business clients segment  – from the arrival of the client to the bank branch, through the approval process, to the loan drawndown. 


The Efficient Management of the Loan Process in VÚB

Previously, we implemented the SMECAS system to the bank for the end-to-end loan process management of the clients from the Enterprise segment. Based on the positive experience with the solution, the bank decided to enlarge it by the loan processing system for the segment of small business and natural persons – entrepreneurs.

Benefits of the Bank System Implementation for VÚB Bank

The main goal of the project was to increase the efficiency of taking care of the bank’s small business clients – from their arrival to the bank branch, through the approval processes and documentation administration, to the loan drawndown. We were able to accomplish this mission by implementation of our bank solution named LPS (Loan Processing System).

LPS Framework
LPS Framework

By the solution implementation, the bank has gain the following benefits:

  • 360-degree view on important client data;
  • the processes set for small business clients from the client´s arrival to the bank branch, through the approval process, to the loan drawndown;
  • the ability to serve Enterprise as well as Small business clients via one unified SMECAS system without the need to enter other systems;
  • automation of the verification process based on bank´s predefined rules enabling immediate loan approval;
  • more efficient administration of loan documentation, thanks to which the bank advisor can dedicate more of his time to the client.

The Loan System Users Across the Bank

The new system is used on the daily basis by the bank´s employees across the entire VÚB bank – mostly by the bank advisors as well as analytic centres´ employees, Sales management department and Risk management department.

LPS Framework (Loan Processing System) 

The SMECAS solution is a part of our comprehensive bank solution LPS (Loan Processing System) for the efficient loan processes management in financial institutions. Download our LPS offering to find out more or contact us. 


Download the offering Loan Processing System