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Allianz Business Services operates in the area of financial accounting and IT services for various agencies of Allianz within 8 countries of Central and Eastern Europe. In Slovakia, the company has been operating since 2006. It is owned by Allianz – Slovenská poisťovňa. It belongs to the Allianz Group, one of the largest financial institutions engaged in offering insurance, fund management and banking services in more than 70 countries. It has been our client since 2009.

Time Tracking System

Start of the project: May 2011

Time Tracking System is an extension of already implemented Help Desk system, significant value-added solution of which is time measuring and management of individual requests and incidents. The customer thus acquired a sophisticated tool for evaluating the time effectiveness of individual researchers and gained a basis for management decisions

HelpDesk System

Start of the project: December 2008

Before starting the project for implementing a central Help Desk system, Allianz Business Services used several heterogeneous systems for collecting customer requests. However, these were not user friendly and a large number of requests were sent to a central e-mail from where they were manually assigned to persons competent for solving them. Our solution changed the work quality and system of Help Desk staff in a fundamental way and enabled more service incidents to be solved at a significantly shorter time.

Awards: Microsoft Industry Awards 2009

  • Microsoft Idustry Award 2009 Winner – The most innovative approach of using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM in practice