Zväz automobilového priemyslu Slovenskej republiky

Automotive Industry Association of the Slovak Republic (AIA SR) is a voluntary association of legal entities operating in the fields of research, development, production, import and sale of motor vehicles and its components. The AIA SR was established in 1993 in order to create optimal conditions for the sustainable competitiveness of the automotive industry. It currently has 161 members. It has been our customer since 2006. – an electronic service for verification of the claim for the administration fee

Project delivery: February 2017

The 33€ project is an electronic service, which easily deals with legislative changes concerning mass vehicle importers. Since the legislation changed, the importers will no longer have to pay a lot of money for the vehicle registration set by power of the engine. The basic fee for all imported vehicles when registered for the first time is 33€. Companies having this claim are strictly defined by law – the claim can be easily verified via entry of company registration number into the intuitive web application called
The effective system for public administration outside the state cloud was delivered in a record time, what has significantly contributed to saving of time and money. Online verification of important data is quick and reliable and a need to visit the office was eliminated.

Uncomplicated dealing with the legislative changes simplifies life of mass vehicle importers as well as employees of Traffic inspectorates and brings several benefits:

  • the solution saves money of mass vehicle importers as well as time of Traffic inspectorates´ employees
  • easy and free online verification of a subject´s claim to the administration fee of 33 € – from anywhere
  • the simple and manageable solution for every user
  • no need to use an electronic identification card
  • the solution named according to the fee amount simplifies searching for the web application via browsers

Electronic Services of Internet Portal

Project length: 6 months is an internet portal which has been created to computerize and improve the efficiency of the process of issuing the certificate of assuming responsibility for waste disposal from individually imported vehicles. Such a certification is needed when importing individual vehicles from abroad. Till the end of 2015, every applicant had to pay the fee by the cheque and an employee working in the County Council had to pair the cheque with the appropriate application. Since the 1st of January 2016, when the internet portal was put into operation, the whole process has run electronically directly through the portal

Solution benefits for the applicants:

  • Computerization of the process without visiting the post office
  • Significantly shorter duration of issuing the certificate – from couple days to couple minutes
  • Possibility to select preferred way of payment
  • Simplified process of the certificate issue (applicant enters only VIN and phone number or e-mail address)
  • Immediate online issue and delivery of the certificate
  • An employee can verify the payment without the payment receipt

The Electronic Register of Old Vehicles

Start of the project: January 2014

The amendment of the Law No.223/2001 Coll. on Waste brought a need to change existing portal, since there arose a possibility to take out all non-existing vehicles of evidence (those, whose owners did not have the Certificate of Liquidation). The enacted amendment required mutual connection of three existing parties – District Environmental Office, Environmental Fund and Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic). Thus, the solution must interconnect all upper-mentioned institutions.
At the time when the law amendment was enacted, the portal had already been running. However, this portal was based on outdated technology with old-fashioned design. Besides, it did not contain the important part concerning the certificates of non-existing vehicles.

For our customer, we developed a new modern system designated for processors of old vehicles with the functionality for the certificates of non-existing vehicles.
Both solutions have been unified on one platform and existing processing platform has been upgraded (including mobile technology). An intuitive portal navigation has been prepared, what simplifies communication of individual users. This integrated web solution is called „The Electronic Register of Old Vehicles“ –

The Electronic Register of Old Vehicles offers following benefits:

  • A citizen can find all the information and blank forms for legal liquidation of non-existing vehicles in one place.
  • The original portal and ist design has been upgraded and refreshed what ensures maximum intuitivness.
  • Citizens have an access to the portal via smartphones, which is now a necessity.