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ČD – Telematika is a prominent provider of wholesale internet, data and voice services, and a leading supplier of fibre-optic infrastructure management, maintenance and construction services. This portfolio of activities is complemented with value-added services, including a call centre, system integration, data-based diagnostics and analysis, and cybersecurity. With 21 years’ presence on the Czech ICT market, the company has built up a position as a leading supplier of wholesale telecommunications services. ČD – Telematika is a stable company with more than 500 employees, whose skills and qualifications are essential to its success.

CRM 2015 Implemetation Support

Start of the project: September 2015

We helped the company ČD – Telamatika, which is one of the biggest suppliers of wholesale telecommunication services in the Czech Republic, with implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 platform.The client requested a gradual transfer from the Microsoft Dynamics 4.0 version to the actual Microsoft Dynamics 2015 version.

We assisted the client in the initial phase, when the internal IT team needed advice to get oriented in the differences between these two versions, in the changes, which the new system brings, also validate the needs of the business in the transformation and help with licence related consulting when purchasing new licences. Based on this consultancy the customer ČD – Telematika received a complex overview of the differences between the versions, changes in the environments, new funcionalities and licence terms. With assistance of our consultants the client subsequently approaches the upgrade of the system itself.