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Erste Group IT International is a branch of the Austrian corporation taking patronage over the IT solutions of Erste Group – one of the major provider of bank and financial services in Central and Eastern Europe. Erste Group IT provides its services in the field of information technology, information systems, as well as hardware and software. Its services are provided for the Austrian Erste Group as well as other companies belonging to Erste Group Holding.

The Intranet Solution

Start of the project: September 2015

Project length: 3 months

For the collaboration of the employees, EGIT used an intranet solution based on the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform. Since the platform had become obsolete and existing functionalities ceased to meet set requirements, the company decided to rebuilt the whole system. Besides that, the company tried to find a way how could the internal system enthuse the employees and motivate them even more to use possibilities of Intranet to its full extent.

The new intranet solution performs following functions:

  • A collaboration tool for internal or external co-workers working on projects.
  • A strong information database, so called internal Wiki, which represents a basic tool for orientation in the in-house world.
  • A system for employee education management.
  • A tool for management of employee events such as leisure activities, parties, barbecues, team-building events, etc.
  • Erste locations – a part of the solution providing information especially on employees traveling on business trips to the countries where the Erste Group operates.
  • Community pages as another component of the solution with the aim to bring people together both at work and leisure.
  • News portal representing an entrance gate into the world of information and news within the whole group. The main change compared to classic news release is the fact that employees themselves can generate news

The new solution has brought the client following benefits:

  • The client has got a modern tool for cooperation of the employees working on the projects in a very short time.
  • Thanks to the attractive user interface and inspiring design, the users are even more motivated to work with the system, what has increased their efficiency when collaborating on the projects.
  • All employees can easily search information needed in the information database, so called wiki, what makes every member of a team more prepared and informed – from a newcomer to a chief executive.
  • The community pages within the portal helped to develop so-called work-balance approach, what offers employees a possibility to plan their common leisure activities.
  • The new intranet solution has brought brand new functionalities, such as Training management and Event management.
  • The customer has gained the most sophisticated solution possible, since the new system is based on Microsoft SharePoint 2013.