Eximbanka SR

The Export-Import Bank of the Slovak Republic is a specialized financial institution that combines banking and insurance activities in order to support exports. The Bank was founded on 22 July 1997 under the Act No. 80/1997 Coll. on the Export-Import Bank of the Slovak Republic. The mission of the Bank is to support the Slovak exports through banking and insurance activities. Its task is to enhance economic interaction of the Slovak Republic with abroad and to increase the competitiveness of the Slovak producers in foreign markets.

Solving Management Meetings and Bank Employees´ Task

Start of the project: November 2011

This solution enables to organize activities related to the organization of meetings of the EXIMBANKA SR bodies and solve the tasks arising from different kinds of meetings. The system enables to plan the meeting with the deadline and submitted materials, program preparation, agenda creation, generating invitations, creating minutes of meetings, including discussion records and based on the minutes the automatic task generation for the EXIMBANKA SR employees. The system generates different overviews of meetings and tasks pursuant to user requirements and set access rights for each activity.