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 Migration of complete IT infrastructure into the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Length of project: 3 months

“Moving into Microsoft Azure cloud made work of our company more effective, increased security of stored data, and decreased costs on IT infrastructure operation. Because we experienced this process in Slovakia as the first ones, we acquired a substantial competitive advantage.”

Martin Ševček
CTO, Millennium


Our company uses widespread IT infrastructure for its work, built on Microsoft company technologies. The company needed over 50 servers for its operation, which were partially virtualized. The servers were located in a specially secured server room with multiple source air-conditioning and redundant electrical current source backup. In the course of years the IT needs of the company have significantly increased and new requests for additional IT capacity and new storage locations for data have come. Simultaneously technical and moral deterioration of the oldest hardware equipment have taken place.
The company faced the question of how to continue with IT infrastructure investmtents, especially in relation to planned office move into new space. There was made decisiion to give up all hardware and move all our infrastructure into Microsoft Azure cloud.

Project Process

The migration itself began in July 2014.
During the migration process there was no comfort limitation in work of internal project teams, who were working on client tasks. The migration did not limit operation of the company in any way.


  • IT infrastructure accessible at 99.9 % without any investments into hardware,
  • server administration significantly simplified and became more effective,
  • developers can install servers according to their need and requirements of their work,
  • preparation of development and testing environments shortened from several hours only to several minutes and that without any help of administrators,
  • significant benefit of Microsoft Azure lies in the possibility of scaling operation,
  • we achieved a strong competitive advantage in the market. It is the only Slovak company fully functioning on the cloud solution Microsoft Azure,
  • assumed cost reduction 80 000 EUR in horizont of three years.
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