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The Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic is the Central State Administration Authority of the Slovak Republic for finance, taxes, customs, prices, financial control and internal audit. The Ministry has been cooperating with us since 2005.

IS SEMP – The information system for registration and monitoring De minimis aid and State aid

Project delivery: March 2014

IS SEMP is a comprehensive solution for registration and monitoring De minimis aid and State aid. Implemented solution brings information about provided aid to the public via web portal. Owing to that, persons involved are informed about the process of aid approval in real time. The solution at the same time increases efficiency of control mechanisms over the whole process.

Implementation of the information system for the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic (MF SR) offers, among other things, following benefits:

  • Reduced error rate in statements concerning use of aid
  • More effective work of state employees
  • Automation of some manual activities (e.g. monitoring De minimis aid ceiling and its manual processing)
  • Saving costs related to processing applications for aid
  • A comprehensive insight on provided aid and activities thanks to reporting
  • Migration of existing data into the newly developed SEMP system and its integration with other systems
Our system allows MF SR to meet legislative requirements, since each member state has been, according to the European Union directive, obliged to administer the register of State aid and publish the information for the public on the Internet.

Integration of IS SEMP with IS CARD (Information system for Central administration of reference data)

Employees of Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family (OLSAaF) had to manually register more than 1000 records containing beneficiaries and individual aid grants into their own information system each month. They were also obliged to register these data into the IS SEMP provided by MF SR.

MF SR decided to interconnect IS SEMP with IS CARD in order to reduce OLSAaF employees´ workload related to duplicated data entry into two different systems and at the same time increase quality and data availability. IS CARD, as a central communication point of public administration, is integrated across the other state information systems. Thanks to the system integration, all data input to the system used by OLSAaF are now automatically saved in the IS SEMP as well.

The solution contributes to high data quality, its consolidation, and contextual interconnection. It also reduced OLSAaF employee’s workload by elimination of duplicated data entry.

Web Presentation of the Ministry

The website allows to structure information messages and diversify responsibility for the content. Similarly, it brings more friendly design and clearer user system corresponding with recent website trends. Slovak citizens have access to an extensive agenda of the Ministry and its subordinate organizations.

Intranet Portal for Employees of the Ministry

The Intranet application of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic is a valuable communication tool allowing the employees of the Ministry an access to all relevant information. From a functional point of view, the application is designed as a website with a system of access rights providing users with an access to various information and documents. They are taken into the applications from existing systems of the MoF of the SR.