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Octigon provides qualified consulting services and extensive know -how in the field of grant counselling in obtaining grant funds from the European Union structural funds and in the field of public procurement authority and candidates in public procurement. It has been one of our clients since 2014.

Application for creating reports

With respect to the focus of the company on various grant and structural projects the company Octigon has a duty towards controlling authorities to archive and report time fund of people working on individual projects. The company sends the evidence on a regular basis in form of reports to the controlling authority, while these reports must meet a prescribed form. Employees of Octingon thus spent too much time manually processing data, which they received from the owners of the given projects, while the result came in an Excel sheet form.

The new information system for evidence of reports in the form of application was based on the existing platform SharePoint 2013 Online from the company Microsoft. It was a part of the new platform Office 365, the company Octigon transferred to shortly before the launch of the project


  • As a result of implementation of the system for evidence and reporting time fund of individual project managers the demand for manual work decreased, thanks to which project coordinators could dedicate substantial part of their time to coordination and productive work.
  • We eliminated necessary time for manual control of correctness of reports.
  • Thanks to complex overview of projects the client achieved a better comprehensive review of their work.
  • The system of evidence brought higher effectiveness and user-friendly approach in reporting work.
  • The risk of error related to manual filling out of reports decreased.
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