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Orange is a mobile operator providing services in the Slovak Republic since 1997. Today, it is a telecommunications market leader with more than 2.8 million of active customers. The sole owner of the company shares is the France Telecom Group via Atlas Services Belgium. Recently, Orange started to provide a fixed network in addition to the mobile network as a platform for Internet and digital TV optic connection services. Orange has been our important client since 2001.

The Retention Application

For Orange, efficient management of business network is a fundamental task. Implementation of the retention application, a part of comprehensive solution for relationship management (CRM) based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform using its service module, has brought a possibility to improve already excellent business outcomes.

Main goals of the retention application are:

  • Record all retention and preventive events
  • Assign cases to individual employees of retention and prevention department automatically according to the set key, what leads to reduction of team leaders´ workload and administrative burden and increases speed of such an assignment.
  • Navigate users throughout the whole process of solving particular case
  • Record offers at the customer level, what prevents repeated sales offers and eliminates risk of irritating the customer

The major advantage for managers is represented by tools for tracking and evaluation of success of retention activities performed by individual teams, providing an overview of their activities. They proved to be a key to higher productivity as well.

The CRM System for B2B Customer Administration

Start of the project: December, 2014

Project length: 6 months

Till the end of 2014, Orange used the original CRM system to perform its business activities. However, this system was not able to meet all required criteria of the company any more and became obsolete. Orange decided to solve this situation and replace the inefficient system with a modern platform for B2B customer administration, Microsoft CRM 2013.

All the applications used by the company were not mutually connected. We upgraded and integrated them within this platform. Thus, Orange has gained a possibility to add new applications in the future, which will be mutually connected as prevention of inefficient work with information. Thanks to the new CRM system, employees have gained not only comprehensive 360 degree view on B2B customers, but also a possibility to track and identify business opportunities or monitor the whole customer service process. Sales department managers have an overview of activities and fulfilling the goals via transparent reporting. Functionalities of the CRM system lead to more efficient and higher quality service for corporate customers, increased efficiency when working with information and last but not least to increased turnover of the whole company.

Knowledge management

Orange built an extensive sales network, consisting of about 3,600 dealers and members of support services.
Orange has achieved excellent business results thanks to sound business network management. Internal analysis identified further opportunities to optimize access to relevant sales information. The current Knowledge Base system built on PHP and MySQL technologies ceased to meet increasing demands on quality, availability and speed when locating any information.
This finding motivated the company Orange to bring new quality to the sales network, leading to greater efficiency of the employees. The company decided to implement new robust solutions built on the latest Microsoft technology portal.
Orange selected the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 portal technology by the technological leader – Microsoft, as the supporting application platform. All necessary information for 3,600 members of the sales team is integrated into a central Knowledge Base.

  • The Knowledge Base allows exchanging information within the company necessary to sell products effectively and provide excellent customer service.
  • The members of the sales network team have an immediate access to information necessary for fast customer service.
  • The information management in the Knowledge Base has gained a new quality and it is carried out in a controlled and auditable manner.
  • Orange gained a modern, easily extensible information system, with long-term and stable platform capable of handling expected demands on performance.
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