Millennium referencia Patria Finance

Patria Finance, established in 2001, is a member of ČSOB Group. As a member of Prague Stock Exchange, Patria Finance is represented in its several bodies and licenced to trade in domestic and foreign stocks. Patria holds a licence issued by Czech National Bank, provides its services for individual investors, and allows natural and legal entities an access to local and global capital markets.

Automation of e-mail campaigns in the CRM system

With the long-term goal to automate marketing activities, we delivered Patria Finance an innovative solution for efficient management of e-mail campaigns directly in CRM environment. The solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform supplemented with the marketing automation tool ClickDimensions.

Marketing automation improves communication with customers, offers better view on campaign efficiency and leads to increased sales in a short period of time. Project started by introducing a solution for e-mail campaigns management, which can be now performed end-to-end by Patria itself – from easy mailing list preparation and design to its execution and evaluation. Well-arranged reporting provides valuable feedback on the rate of delivery, opening and click-through.

As a local partner of ClickDimensions for the Czech and Slovak market, we managed solution delivery and pilot testing in a record time. The first phase, e-mail marketing was delivered to Patria Finance within one month.

Benefits of ClickDimensions e-mail marketing:

  • faster preparation and execution of marketing activities,
  • easy creation of e-mail templates or mailing lists via intuitive editor directly in familiar CRM system environment,
  • gathering data and their active use for targeted and more personal communication,
  • more efficient campaigns in right time with the right offer,
  • time saving management thanks to transparent reporting of measurable metrics,
  • interconnection between marketing and sales data and activities,
  • personalization and better targeted marketing communication towards right customers,
  • improvement of overall customer experience of the way the customer has been approached and the way of communication,
  • gaining valuable customer feedback,
  • potential to offer a comprehensive solution in the future and an opportunity to automate processes.