Portus Praha - Millennium referencia

Portus Praha, z. ú. is a generally beneficial company based in the Czech Republic, the main aim to help people with mental disabilities not to be excluded from the society. Through their projects, they support them and help them to have dignified accommodation, work and a possibility to develop themselves like anybody else. Within their scope of activities, they organize endowment activities, trainings, educational courses, produce gift items and so called “delicacies with stories”. Their most famous activity is “Cihla” (“Brick”) – the nationwide beneficial charity collection and public enlightenment campaign.

CRM Customization and Used Training

Realization of Portus Praha’s charity projects required considerable amount of coordination efforts as well as the existence of CRM system for the registration and efficient management of its activities. For this reason, in September 2017, Portus Praha turned to us with a request for pro bono activities – to customise the Dynamics CRM system (which the organization had implemented in-house without the need for any customization) and conduct training for the users of the system.

The initial analysis demonstrated that the not customised implemented CRM solution didn’t allow the organization to use the full potential of the CRM system and all its benefits. Based on this, we have customised the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, so it can register legal as well as natural persons, contact information, organization activities and charitable contributions. Likewise, we have introduced the possibility to record different categories of contributions (e.g. from endowments, voluntary donations, training, training courses, sale of items, etc.) and we have created a separate entity with custom attributes for each of these categories, for their more efficient management. After the successful customization based on the client’s requirements, we have conducted a two-day, during which the users from Portus Praha were given a guidance how to work with the newly designed system.