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The Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute is a professional organization providing hydrological and meteorological services at national and international level. The Institute has been a contributory organization of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic since 2000. It became our client in 2010.

Employee Portal

Start of the project: October 2010

Employee Portal is a place of integration of large amounts of information and services for employees of the institute. The application has its own system of access rights, distinguishing private groups of individual types of sections and departments. A major benefit is the concentration of all relevant information, documents and links in external applications necessary for each employee on one central repository. The solution includes a Document Management System, built on the Microsoft SharePoint technology that will allow the organization workflow process, versioning and management of all documents of the organization. The content management system is implemented using Arnia CMS so as to ensure easy and maximally effective Intranet content management.