Slovenský pozemkový fond - Millennium referencia

The Slovak National Property Fund was established by the Act of the Slovak National Council No. 330/1991 Coll. on Land consolidation, settlement of land ownership, land registries, farmland and land communities. The farmland is a legal entity, with the main competence to manage the state land and property. The Board of the Fund, General Director and Deputy General Manager are the bodies of the Fund. The Slovak Land Fund has been working with our company since 2014.


Start of the project: March 2015

The goal of the new Slovak National Property Fund website is to show visitors an intuitive way of how to solve their life situations and get all answers to their potential questions, what eliminates workload of contact persons working in Slovak National Property Fund.

The new website clearly defines the scope of the organization, provides search and displaying of contracts, orders and SLF invoices. The new website also provides an automated system for consultation on contracts before the conclusion, what helps Slovak National Property Fund maintain transparency and balance of opinions throughout the process.