Millennium referencia SLS-Technaco

SLS – Technaco is one of the leaders in industry distribution in Slovakia. Comprehensive solutions providing industrial enterprises with maintenance and repairs, distribution of work tools, transmission components, and protective equipment are the core business of the company. Portfolio of SLS-Technaco contains more than 60 000 products, 5 regional centres and almost 20 sales representatives within Slovakia. The company has been our customer since 2016.

The analytic CRM system – the first BI solution in cloud in Slovakia

Project delivery: August 2016

The long-term intention of the analytic CRM system for SLS-Technaco is to provide comprehensive view on corporate business activities. Up-to-date information aggregated in one place significantly improves decision-making process of managers and sales representatives.

The main aim of the project was to design an integrated site and offer a possibility to immediately and adequately respond to everyday business and managerial questions. The project represents a key technological platform for managerial decision-making. The first version of Analytic CRM contains more than 20 managerial interactive reports. Thanks to the professional performance and previous experience of our consultant as well as Microsoft Power BI technology, the solution was delivered within 15 work days of senior consultant.

The new tool provides SLS – Technaco with a lot of managerial benefits:

  • information about the current business status wherever and whenever,
  • insight on current status of orders, invoices and claims,
  • customer file containing comprehensive customer data,
  • information about fulfilment of the plan and commission prediction for sales representatives,
  • possibility to evaluate and manage sales activities,
  • reduction of costs related to distribution and evaluation of reports,
  • immediate and accurate respond when dealing with customers or partners.