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Slovak Social Insurance Agency was established on 1 November 1994 as a public institution. It is responsible for administering the National Health Insurance and pension funding, employer liability insurance for work injuries and occupational disease and carries out social security coverage and activities within old-age pension savings. In addition to the headquarters, Sociálna poisťovňa has 38 branches in Slovakia. Sociálna poisťovňa has been our client since 2010.

Employee Portal

Start of the project: November 2010

The Employee Portal is a basic working and information tool for all workers of Sociálna poisťovňa. In accordance with the expectations of the client, we designed a user-friendly interface and recommended the implementation of a number of services. The Intranet system contains a lot of useful information, such as news, media services, documents and directives, calendar of events, current job positions, etc.