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St. Elizabeth Cancer Institute is one of the top leading oncology facilities in Slovakia. It also includes preventive and dental care and general medicine outpatients´ departments. The institute with 15 clinics is also the only facility with inpatient department of nuclear medicine and it is ready to treat even a contaminated person. The hospital has been a private church health facility since 1996. It has been our client since 2006.

Portal solution for electronic requests and display of results

Start of the project: February 2011

The solution for results monitoring is a portal application tailor-made for the St. Elizabeth Cancer Institute. The application represents an information system of the hospital with access by doctors, laboratory experts and health care professionals managed and administered in a complex way. Doctors thus find in one location and comprehensive form all data on patient’s medical condition. Following launch of the system into production operation the service time of patients shortened as well as the unpleasant waiting time for the examination results.

Hospital Website

Start of the project: January 2011

The website is built on the Arnia CMS content management system, developed by our company. The new communication solution enables active creation of networking with hospital patients and serves also as an information channel for preventive examinations for new clients. The website emphasizes mainly the clarity and intuitive control. It can be found at