Millennium klient - Dôchodková správcovská Poštová banka

The pension management fund of Poštová banka became a part of the Postal Bank Financial Group in 2011 after the acquisition of ČSOB d. s. s. The mission of DSS is to appreciate clients’ savings in the second pillar pension funds. As of 30 April 2011, the company recorded around 94,000 clients and managed savings of EUR 223 million. It has been our client since 2011.

Internetová prezentácia

Start of the project: December 2011

The website of DSS belongs to the key marketing communication tools. It provides visitors with information on the performance of the pension funds and clarifies their orientation in the product portfolio. By using our solution Arnia CMS, DSS obtained a flexible platform with the possibility of further development and expansion. Arnia CMS allows editors to manage and update standard text and image information operatively using friendly user interface without any need for knowledge of html programming. The solution can be found at