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VÚB Leasing is the first leasing company in the Slovak market. Since it was established in 1992, the company has offered its services under the name B.O.F. In 2007, it became a member of the financial VÚB Group. The company provides comprehensive services of financial and operating lease with general purpose – leasing of cars and trucks, production technology and immovable properties. It also provides services of operating lease and car rental. It has been our customer since 2011.

Approval Process of Leasing Agreements

Start of the project: May 2012

The implementation of the SMECAS framework in the VÚB Leasing comprehensively addresses the issue of approving leasing agreements for the corporate segment of small and medium-sized clients.

SMECAS itself manages the whole credit product sale process from the customer coming to the branch through application processing, client scoring, approving and processing contractual documentation up to termination of the contract. SMECAS belongs to critical applications and it is fully integrated into the infrastructure of the parent bank.