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ZUNO is an internet bank of the Raiffeisen International Group in Slovakia. It has been operating on the Slovak bank market since 2010 and, currently, it has been expanding its services into other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Today, it is based in Vienna and Bratislava; and it has three branches in Slovakia. Our company has been cooperating with ZUNO since its establishment in 2010.

ZUNO even in the Czech Republic

Start of the project: July 2011

ZUNO expanded into the Czech Republic and we were there. For the bank, we implemented a Czech mutation of the information portal

Website of the Internet Bank

Začiatok projektu: December 2010

Our company was at the beginning of the website of the new “direct bank” which entered the Slovak bank market at the end of 2010. The primary objective of the bank is to address the growing segment of modern, educated and Internet-capable persons living in towns who usually do not go to traditional bank branches and use the Internet for communicating with their bank. This target group requires and expects constantly improving user environment of online services and convenient access to carry out their banking needs. The results of our efforts can be found at a