Millennium client - JRK Waste Management

JRK Waste Management, as a supplier of comprehensive top quality technology and products for self-governments, offers innovative solutions for improving waste management and supports prevention of biodegradable waste. It cooperates with more than 450 villages in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

The mobile application for waste registration

Project delivery: December 2016

We delivered our new customer a mobile application for waste registration at the household level. Together with the company representatives, we performed a pilot test directly in the field. It´s the first application of this kind in Slovakia. Use of the application could bring citizens and villages positive changes not only of ecological, but also economical character.

The most significant benefits of the application:

  • registers and monitors the amount of waste for each household
  • provides information about the rate of waste separation and motivates to higher quality of separation
  • provides real statistics helping villages in decision-making
  • leads to financial savings for citizens in the form of reduced fees for waste disposal
  • increases interest of citizens in the environment
  • when improving waste disposal, villages can avoid extra payments for inhabitants.