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O2 Slovakia is a mobile network operator operating on the Slovak market since 2007. It has more than 1.5 million customers what makes it the fastest growing mobile operator in Slovakia. In 2013, according to the independent customer survey, O2 became the operator of the year for the fifth time. O2 has been our client since 2013 and since January 2014, the company has become a member of the PPF investment group.

O2 University

Start of the project: April 2015

Project length: 4 months

O2 Slovakia has a network of internal trainers, who provide education of sales representatives, their training and testing. The company was looking for a solution for educational system management. The main aim was to gain a tool containing a possibility to plan trainings depending on career level.

The O2 University educational system is built on the SharePoint 2013 platform. With respect to great potential of the cloud and positive experience with the O2 World project, O2 Slovakia opted for Microsoft Azure as a project base.

  • We have achieved larger flexibility of trainers preparing questions and tests as well as extended scope of tests, so trainers are now able to use all questions for various test types with different validity.
  • The main advantage of the solution is its availability to all O2 Slovakia employees, so they don´t need to use applications of third parties. Common users as well as trainers can enter the application automatically.
  • Immediate reports and feedback are available to trainers, who can filtrate and evaluate analytically the reports and discuss them even when they are on different places.
  • The application is characterized by highly intuitive environment with simple navigation without a need for detailed training of end users.
  • Employees are motivated by test environment to continuous education and professional development. It contributes to more effective customer service and improvement of the whole communication process with a customer.

O2 World – Knowledge management system

Start of the project: April 2014

Project length: 4 months
The main aim of the O2 WORLD project (Knowledge Management) was to build and run an application for sales network management. O2 WORLD portal should replace previously used Infoportal, which was only a part of it, and contain extended functionalities for users.

The Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 is the most appropriate platform for implementation of the solution. Together with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012, they represented the basic pillars of IT architecture of the solution. The entire upper-mentioned infrastructure was located in Microsoft Azure environment.

The main part of the O2 WORLD portal is the O2 Slovakia knowledge base. Within the knowledge base, information of various types and forms is stored.

Implementation of knowledge management system brought following benefits:

  • Customers gained the completely outsourced solution including infrastructure
  • All documents are available to the sales network and administrators have all data necessary for quick and operative solution management
  • We have managed to reduce time of searching information about a client from minutes to seconds
  • We have achieved that using the “3 clicks for everything!” rule (In the past, some operations required 9 or more clicks)
  • We secured the solution implementation for more than 1,200 end users
  • 99,7% system availability is guaranteed.