Logo poštová banka

In the Slovak banking market, Poštová banka belongs to medium-size banking houses. It has 30 own branches and, based on a partnership with Slovenská pošta, it provides its products and services through around 1,600 post offices across the country. In 2010, it expanded its network to the neighbouring Czech Republic. Poštová banka has been one of our major clients since 2009.

Intranet system

Start of the project: April 2011

The Intranet solution is a place of integration of a large number of applications and services designed for the bank employees. The system belongs to the key information resources for all employees – from relation managers up to top management. A large benefit for Intranet users is clarity of provided services and efficiency of integrated application. The editors appreciate simple creation and management of information published. The DMS is a part of the Intranet.

Internet Bank Presentation

Start of the project: Jún 2009

The interactive presentation of Poštová banka belongs to one of the key marketing communication tools. The redesigning project was intended to clarify information, unite visual communication, increase online traffic and integrate online services for clients. Using our Arnia CMS Solution, the bank obtained a flexible platform with the possibility of further development and expansion. Arnia CMS provides editors with operative administration and updating standard text and image information through user-friendly interface without requiring knowledge of programming html. The solution can be found at