Bratislava, the Capital City of the Slovak Republic, falls under the Bratislava Municipality, an executive body of the Municipal Council and the Mayor. It deals with the professional, administrative and organizational work related to the execution of municipal bodies´ tasks.


Bratislava Transport Company (DPB), joint stock company, is the only provider of public transport in Bratislava. In addition to public transport lines, it operates suburban lines and regular international lines. DPB operates transport by trolleybuses, buses and trams.

The Web Portals for the Capital City and Bratislava Transport Company

We have put into real operations the new web portals for the Capital City of the Slovak Republic and Bratislava Transport Company in May 2018. Previous versions of the web portals did not suit their users, the Municipality decided for change. We have developed two separate portals with unified design. The solution has brought these benefits:

  • the user-friendly CMS system based on the latest technologies,
  • responsive design for mobile access to information,
  • speed-up information search by simplified web sites´ structure,
  • quick information updates of both web portals within one CMS system and elimination of multiple data inputs,
  • web sites integrated with third parties´ systems, which are used internally and mutually communicate,
  • implementation of the platform for further development and improvement of services for citizens and entrepreneurs,
  • constant availability and data security thanks to the operation in cloud.

The primary goal of the web sites and is to inform citizens with all the relevant news concerning the traffic situation and events in Bratislava. 

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