The application which Millennium has provided for one of the major Internet providers in Europe has unified and simplified management of internal processes of individual companies belonging to the provider´s group. Implementation of the central application has offered a detailed overview of performed orders and drawing budgets of individual departments. At the same time the management has gained a modern tool for planning other business activities.

PowerApps as the most suitable technology

The customer had already used Microsoft Office 365, so we could build the new solution on the Microsoft PowerApps platform. For this purpose, the Microsoft SharePoint platform was used as the connector to PowerApps.

The solution has provided the customer with the following benefitsy

  • a central tool making internal processes more effective;
  • the cloud solution has optimized the communication process related to ordering and approving goods and services and allowed to approve individual requisitions and create framework orders budgets, generate and send orders with a unique number directly within the application without the need for unnecessary e-mail communication;
  • a more detailed overviewof performed ordersdetailnejší prehľad o realizovaných objednávkach;
  • interconnection of orders and accounting documents at one place and the possibility of transparent display of incoming accounting documents;
  • the easier invoicing process. Invoice settlement and processing of accounting documents run based on the information from invoices and requisitions.
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