Business Intelligence & reporting

  Business Intelligence a reporting

Business Intelligence & Reporting

 Get a tool for effective decision-making

Many companies face the problem of data being either difficult to access, or there is just too much of it and it becomes chaotic. The optimal solution ito use Business Intelligence (BI) tools and Reporting transforming business data into information in visually attractive form. Thus, the manager gets an overview of the status and activities of the company immediatelywhat leads to more effective decision-making.

What are the benefits of Business Intelligence and Reporting?

  • good overview of activities and overall performance of the company (Balanced Scorecard)
  • management of access rights for individual structures;
  • inter-connection of various enterprise resources and allocation of all information in one place;
  • KPI metrics of the company, under which it is possible to track the success of activities performed by individual employees.
  • quality overview of business performance of individual employees;
  • easy access to all company data anytime, anywhere;
  • the possibility of benchmarking – comparison of success of individual activities, what motivates employees to higher productivity;
  • simple creation of transparent reports containing all necessary information;
  • facilitating the co-operation within the company.

Business Intelligence and Reporting from Microsoft

The comprehensive reporting solution is based on Microsoft Power BI platform providing online features and services for intuitive work with data and its visualization. Advantages of Microsoft Power BI:
  • possibility of operation in Cloud using Power BI for Office 365 services
  • easy integration with applications and systems of third-parties
Business Intelligence (BI) a reporting

Benefits of Business Intelligence and reporting

Return on investments (ROI)

BI increases the efficiency of process management, which has a direct impact on saving corporate resources.

Data in one place

Possibility to connect with a variety of applications (Office 365, CRM systems, SharePoint, Google Analytics, etc.).

Transparent reporting

Professional visualization of company data, advanced analytics, filtering and interactivity.


Access to data anytime and from anywhere via your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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