Portal solutions

  Portály a portálové riešenia

Portal solutions

Increase work efficiency with a quality portal solution

Portal solutions represent an instrument to streamline business processes. They simplify management of large amounts of information, documents and other materials and make them available to thousands of users and improve internal co-operation and communication. The result is a system thanks to which you can easily manage and record everything in one place. The solution is suitable for both intranet as well as internet environment.

What are the benefits of the portal solution?

  • management of large amounts of information, documents and business processes in one place;
  • collaboration tool across teams which improves communication between individuals;
  • simplification of search and information sharing, retention of know-how within the company;
  • unified storage of several kinds of materials, from documents, pictures and videos to various applications;
  • better support for decision-making;
  • intuitive portal use thanks to the user-friendly interface;
  • familiar environment and unified control integrated with Microsoft Office apps;
  • support for the integration with other corporate systems.

Portal solutions in practice

Corporate Intranet

Intranet is a portal designed for internal communication and collaboration of employees within the company.

Knowledge Management System

Knowledge management provides employees with training and ensures retention of corporate know-how.

Document Management System

Document Management System (DMS) is a portal for management and archiving business documents and collaboration.

Portal solutions from Microsoft

Microsoft Sharepoint portálové riešenie

On the portal solutions market, Microsoft offers an effective solution - Microsoft SharePoint. For the company, it represents a safe place to store, organize, share and access the information anytime and from any device. All you need is a Web browser.

Microsoft SharePoint allows users:

  • to share and spread their ideas and expert opinions, or come up with their own solutions to the problems,
  • to make decisions based on facts and manage business processes better,
  • to streamline collaboration of teams,
  • to find the necessary information easily.

What does Microsoft SharePoint offer?



A system designed for creation or storage of documents and information, their editing, sharing and archiving.

Publishing portal

Publishing web for creating and sharing web content with the pre-prepared approval thanks to automated processes.

Search portal

A portal making data from various information sources available and therefore representing a company-wide central search server.


Websites designed for teamwork or synchronized work of employees working on projects.

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